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1. Hello Sara, .... ? I’m very well, thank you.
2. How old are you? ....
3. .... name is John Smith.
4. .... two hundred students in my school.
5. .... is this blue bag? It’s ₤5.50.
6. Simon .... very tall.
7. What does he do? ....
8. Is that your .... bicycle?
9. There .... a big supermarket next to my house.
10. Neil can't .... tennis. He's broken his arm.
11. My boyfriend .... to the pub every night.
12. How .... does one lesson cost?
13. .... some more tea?
14. My father’s brother’s son is my ....
15. She .... like football very much.
16. There is ..... water in the glass.
17. Last week we .... to Warsaw.
18. Mark plays football .... anyone else I know.
19. I .... the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.
20. My sister .... get married in August.
There are millions of stars in the sky. If you look [21] .... the sky on a clear night, it is possible to see about 3000 stars. They look small, but they are really [22] .... big hot balls of burning gas. Some of them are huge, but others are much smaller, like our planet Earth. The biggest stars are very bright, but they only live for a short time. Every day new stars [23] .... born and old stars die. All the stars are very far away. The light from the nearest star takes more [24] .... four years to reach Earth. Hundreds of years ago, people (25) .... stars, like the North Star, to know which direction to travel in. Today you can still see that star.
26. My mother .... never been to a cricket match.
27. There is a train which .... . Brighton in 10 minutes.
28. We’ll stay at home if it .... this afternoon.
29. He doesn’t smoke now, but he .... a lot when he was young.
30. You .... go to the supermarket this afternoon. I have already been.
31. They .... pass their exam if they studied hard.
32. I have been a doctor .... 15 years.
33. Honda cars .... in Japan.
34. When I entered the room, the cat .... on the sofa.
35. Could you help me with this .... suitcase, please?
36. Which book would you .... me to read?
37. Let’s go to the disco, .... ?
38. I wish I .... play a musical instrument.
39. You ...... take up exercises to stay healthy.
40. When Gregory arrived at the office, Helen .... .
41. By the time you get this letter I .... .
42. It's no use .... to him. He doesn't listen.
43. The offer was too good for David to turn .... .
44. The patients .... . come from the same block.
45. The mother told her son .... stupid.
46. That’s the hotel .... we stayed last year.
47. I .... my car .... last week.
48. We had a wonderful holiday. It was .... pleasant hotel.
49. If I .... the mistake, I would have corrected it.
50. Two years ago he joined .... the ‘Flying Dolphin’ club.
51. I always take an umbrella .... it rains.
52. If I hadn’t replied to your email, I .... here with you now.
53. They .... our salaries by 5%.
54. The chemist asked if I had a .... for the medicine.
55. Having been discovered for stealing, he was .....

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